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Providing excellent service is key to the success of British Sea Kayaks. I want to make sure you make the right choices – that you are fully aware of the options open to you. You may already know what you want. You may be starting from scratch or new to the Sea Kayaking UK range. Whatever your situation, this guide is aimed at helping you make the right decision. It explains the sales process and ongoing service commitment to you…

“We can’t thank you enough for the amazing day you dedicated to help us choose the right kayaks. Your professionalism, knowledge and patience is truly incredible!”

Choosing your new kayak

Decide which model(s) you are most interested in. You’ll want to consider the characteristics of the boat, what you are likely to use it for and the technical specifications. Pay close attention to the length if storage is a factor, and consider the weight too. If you are moving from a plastic sea kayak you will generally find a composite boat is lighter, but you may wish to reduce the lifting strain still further by choosing a lighter construction.

Next, arrange to see the model you want to buy. This is when you’ll be able to ensure you are making the right choice. Be sure to sit in the boat in clothes and footwear you will paddle in. Take the opportunity to carry out a thorough test on the water. The Plymouth area is an ideal venue offering a wide variety of conditions.

How to buy

You’ll be sent an invoice and will need to pay a 25% deposit to secure the kayak. You do not need to pay anything more until you are ready to collect your kayak. You can pay in cash or by BACS (bank transfer). Please remember that you will need to settle the invoice in full before you can take possession of your new kayak.

Delivery options

Your new sea kayak can be delivered to a place of your choice in the United Kingdom. It’s all part of the service.

Of course, you will be welcome to collect from British Sea Kayaks and it means we can work together to optimise your new kayak before it hits the water. Plymouth is a great place for a maiden voyage and you can take a trip along the waterfront of Britain’s Ocean City.

Repair Service

It’s not always on the sea where kayaks get damaged. Even loading can be a risky business and I’ve seen “hit-and-run” car park damage. Minor repairs are usually easy to deal with. If you simply don’t have the time or a suitable place to sort out your boat, or you just want a good polish, help is right here. We carry out simple repairs to get you back on the water. If it’s a really bad break then Sea Kayaking UK provide a comprehensive repair service.


Sea Kayaking UK provide you with a 12 month non-transferable warranty from the date you receive your new sea kayak. This covers any defects considered to be the fault of the manufacturer, offering reassurance and peace of mind from a trusted UK company.