British Sea Kayaks NDK Echo Kayaking UK Cornwall 2018 new model

  • Best for: day trips and rolling
  • Sizing: up to 1.7m/5’8″ tall. Slim build
  • Max shoe size: UK7/EU41
My take on the Echo…

So why the Echo? Well, It’s in response to the growing number of people that wanted a lower-volume Pilgrim Expedition. So instead of continuing to build cut-down custom versions, Nigel Dennis decided to design a distinct kayak that would satisfy that market. The Echo is a sleek, low sea kayak that is capable of rough water play and day excursions. It’s also an exceedingly good kayak for Greenland rolling (or any other kind of rolling come to that).

British Sea Kayaks Echo NDK Kayaking UK Cornwall 2018 new model

You’ll find the features that are common throughout the Pilgrim range in the Echo. The characteristic¬† knee bumps just forward of the cockpit provide extra room when you’ve got long legs or want to sit a little further forward. The cockpit is the same size as the other kayaks in the Pilgrim range. Thigh braces are placed in exactly the right place and there is some adjustment available on the seat position to allow you to optimise comfort and grip.

Volume has been reduced everywhere, resulting in a very low-profile sea kayak that is largely unaffected by wind but it’s not designed to be an expedition sea kayak. Avoid overloading!

There are two sizes of seat designed specifically to work with the reduced width of this kayak.¬† One is small and the other is very small. You’ll need to be very, very slender to be comfortable with the smallest seat. So try before you buy and remember, it’s easier to add foam than lose weight!

My personal experience of paddling the Echo

It’s probably unfair of me to give an opinion as I am so much too big for this kayak. More relevant are the opinions of the two women who have had fantastic demo paddles and their immediate reactions. Both placed orders without hesitation. According to both of them it’s the first sea kayak that fits them really well.

Here’s how Sea Kayaking UK describe the Pilgrim Echo

This kayak has been designed for the smaller paddler. For its size it’s fast and maneuverable, it has a keyhole cockpit and a low deck to minimize the effect of wind. The kayak rolls well and is fast for its length.
  • Length: 507 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Depth: 28 cm
  • total volume: 254 litres
  • front hatch volume: 62 litres
  • cockpit volume: 120 litres
  • day hatch volume: 31 litres
  • rear hatch volume: 40 litres