Rick Cooper

British Sea Kayaks owner Rick Coper

I’m Rick Cooper, owner of British Sea Kayaks. I’ve been on the sea all my life one way or another. I’m a British Canoeing Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach (Advanced Water), Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and former Royal Marine Commando. Why do I sell sea kayaks designed and built by Nigel Dennis? I believe they are the best – an opinion endorsed by top professional paddlers around the globe!

Sea Kayak Coach

Not your average coach – when you book training with me I guarantee that it will be tailored to you. I’ll be your personal trainer. My clients come from near and far because they really value the close attention to detail. However, you’ll also find me coaching at international symposiums in the UK, Europe and the USA, often running sessions that involve getting quite wet. Don’t forget your pump!

Sea kayakers enjoy unique access to the world’s coastlines. We can encounter intimate moments with wildlife, big waves, and awe-inspiring scenery. For us to fully enjoy this environment whilst staying safe takes skill and practice.

My role is to encourage, support and empower you while you learn and hone the skills you need, and to ensure it’s safe and fun too. And together we will always keep in mind that the journey equally important as the destination.

Sea Kayak Dealer

If you are struggling to make a decision about which new sea kayak to buy, let me help you to decide. You’re welcome to visit my base on the Devon/Cornwall border. It’s just minutes from the waters surrounding the vibrant city of Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City.

So if you have a particular model from the Sea Kayaking UK range in mind just call me or drop me an email. Let’s make it happen today!

I’ll guide you through the selection process, giving you the expert advice you’ll need to choose the right kayak for your adventures.