Romany Sportive

NDK Romany Sportive British Sea Kayaks
The Sportive prototype – yours will have hatches!


  • Best for: rock-hopping, surfing and fun
  • Sizing: up to 1.8m/6′ tall. Small to medium frame
  • Max shoe size: UK8/EU40-41
My take on the Romany Sportive…

This is it -the Sportive. It’s the little sibling of the massively successful and popular Romany Sport. Smaller paddlers have found the full-size Sport just too big so the team at Sea Kayaking UK have produced this little beauty. It features all those great attributes that are proving so popular like the tough plastic shell coupled with a glass-fibre cockpit rim and seat.

NDK Romany Sport rockhopping play British Sea Kayaks Sea Kayaking UK
Romany Sport – the Sportive has the same outfitting

This extra rigidity allows you to be more connected than in other rotomoulded sea kayaks. Why is this good? It means that you’ll be just as skillful as you would in a composite sea kayak. However, the tough plastic shell will soak up those crashes and protect you and your wallet too.

A fully adjustable seat and backband it fitted as standard so you’ll be able to get properly comfy. Thick foam bulkheads give added buoyancy. A proper day hatch with a composite rim lets you keep all your safety essentials accessible at all times. This is a kayak you can afford to have real fun in.

My personal experience of paddling the Romany Sportive

So far I’ve only paddling the pre-production prototype but I can say that this is a very nimble sea kayak. It has plenty of rocker which means it turns very easily with minimal edging. Despite being short, it accelerates quickly and although it won’t be a speedster it will be able to stay with a group with ease, unlike some of it’s rivals in the playful “plastic” sea kayak category.

Just like the Romany Sport it’s available in a range of colours, all with contrasting cockpit rim and seat. Hot pink is a special order! No other manufacturer in the world offers a hybrid construction sea kayak like this.

Here’s how Sea Kayaking UK describes the Romany Sportive

This kayak is an excellent choice for rock hopping and touring. The plastic is very strong, stiff linear plastic. Double bulkheads are fitted each end of the cockpit. Designed for the small to medium sized paddler.

Provisional measurements are below. Details will be updated soon. (Nov ’17)

  • Length: 475 cm
  • Width: 53 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
  • overall volume: 270 litres
  • front hatch volume: litres
  • cockpit volume:  litres
  • day hatch volume: litres
  • rear hatch volume: litres