Optional Features

The standard kayaks are great but some of us just want a bit more. As your sea kayak is made to order here in the UK, you can choose to have a kayak made exactly to suit you. Here are a selection of optional changes or additions you can specify – you choose what you want and the factory team do the rest. If there is something you want that we haven’t thought of mentioning just ask  and I’ll work with you to see if it can be done.

So let’s take a look at what you can do to help you stand out from the crowd.

Optional construction

You may want a lighter boat, or an even tougher construction than our standard. Variations are available on all these options, such as an extra layer or localised reinforcement where you want it.

Carbon/Kevlar deck and hull. A light, strong boat. Will reduce the weight by 3-5kg. It’s not so easy to repair on the beach as a standard layup (so don’t break it) but it’s still strong enough to take a lot of abuse, as seen here during a rocky landing on a BCU 5 Star assessment.

50/50 – Carbon/Kevlar deck and glass hull. Good compromise of weight-saving and ease of repair. You’ll need to be a little more careful of the rocks but it will be easier to lift and carry when empty.

Elite – a lighter lay-up overall, offering a good amount of weight-saving at an economical price. Again, a little more care is required to avoid rocks but can be easily repaired by an amateur.

Heavy/fleet lay-up – extra materials and strategic reinforcement in high wear areas will ensure durability where hard use and abuse is expected. It will weigh more than standard construction but will withstand immense stress.

Keel strips

Choose from either a full length keelstrip for the belt-and-braces approach or a bow-and-stern only to protect high wearing areas. This one is a good option if you habitually drag your boat around on beaches.

Pump recess

If you’re a fan of uncluttered decks we’ve a solution for you. A recess in the deck holds the hand pump and keeps it out of the way until you need it. It can be fitted on the front or back deck – your choice.

Foredeck hatch

Sweetie hatch, choc pod, call it what you will, but it’s the new must-have on a sea kayak. So have one if you want one.

Oval rear hatch

If you carry a trolley with big wheels, or just want to get big stuff in without a struggle, the oval hatch could be for you.

Custom bulkhead

If you prefer the feeling of a full footplate, we can set the bulkhead to accommodate your leg length. This usually has the additional benefit of reducing cockpit volume (good if you get a cockpit full of water) and increasing storage in the front compartment. Of course, if you’re an especially tall person it will have the opposite effect but at least you’ll get a kayak you can fit in!

Extra deck fittings/lines/elastics

For whatever purpose, they can be fitted where you want them.

Electric or foot pumps

A kayak full of water can be inconvenient, and in some cases difficult to handle in challenging conditions. Electric or foot pumps can be fitted to help get you dry quicker.

Sectional Kayaks

Sea Kayaking UK build sea kayaks that come to pieces when you want them to, but are as strong and rigid as a single piece boat. This optional feature is becoming very popular. All of the composite single kayaks can be supplied in a 3-piece configuration, and the Triton Double is available as a 2-piece.  So if you want to take your boat on an aeroplane, you don’t have a garage, don’t want to use a roof rack, or just want your boat in your lounge, why not opt for a take-apart sea kayak? It could be the ideal solution if you live in an apartment!