Greenlander Race

  • Best for: sea racing, expeditions.
  • Sizing: up to 2.0m/6’6″ tall. Medium to large build
  • Max shoe size: UK11/EU46
My take on the Greenlander Race…

This is a very special sea kayak. It will suit you if you’re an expert paddler who wants to go fast. In the right hands it’s very capable. The hard-chined hull will require precise and well-controlled strokes but will reward the skilled paddler with a high-performance experience, especially in rough conditions.  It’s very long, low, sleek and fast – perfect for making long downwind passages. It’s also a very easy kayak to roll, due to the low volume.

It won’t suit many paddlers but but it will force you to hone your skills still further. It’s not going to be an easy ride, especially if you want to play amongst rocks or in surf. Think sea kayak boot-camp, not holiday camp!

Greenlander Race NDK Sea Kayaking UK

My personal experience of paddling the Greenlander Race

None at all. I haven’t even seen one. I know one person who has paddled it, solo around the UK. She’s British and one of the highest qualified sea kayak coaches in the world. She says she loves this kayak and it did everything she needed it to do.

Is there a downside? She would be a tough act to follow and I’m not sure I want to try!

Here’s how Sea Kayaking UK describe the Greenlander Race
The Greenlander Race has been designed for open ocean racing and as a faster touring kayak primarily for flat to intermediate conditions. The kayak behaves well in the wind, but is regarded as an advanced kayak in rough conditions.
  • Length: 599 cm
  • Width: 57 cm