British Sea Kayaks NDK Quantum
  • Best for: multi-day expeditions
  • Sizing: up to 2.0m/6’6″ tall. Medium or large build
  • Max shoe size: UK11/EU46

The Quantum is an exciting new expedition kayak which will enable you to complete the unsupported expeditions of your dreams without compromising on carrying capacity. It’s a design collaboration between Peter Major and the team at Sea Kayaking UK. Peter paddled the prototype more than 30,000km from his home country of the Czech Republic to Sweden. This included rounding Nordcapp and an epic overland portage across Scandinavia.

The Quantum has a long waterline and quite a straight rocker and cuts though the sea very quickly and easily. There is very good stability for a kayak of this type, even when lightly loaded. It is particularly impressive when powering into wind and choppy waves. We have seen this kayak performing very confidently in advanced conditions, including in a bouncy tidal race where it was the equal of more conventional models.

To achieve full speed you will need to focus on good forward paddling technique so there is an adjustable bar which provides solid placement for your feet to push against and tiptoe accuracy for the rudder control.

Conventional rudder blades often stick up from the back of the kayak and are a real nuisance, especially when towing and during landing. They get in the way when you want to turn the kayak over to empty the water out and are vulnerable to damage. They can also be a real danger in the surf or during rescues when a sharp rudder blade waving around can cause serious injury.

However, the Quantum is different – it’s just as safe and seaworthy as every other model in the Sea Kayaking UK range. This is why…

British Sea Kayaks Quantum detail of rudder

The Quantum rudder system is a major design breakthrough in the world of sea kayaking. The full depth blade self-centres into a recess in the back deck when you retract it. Smooth lines and no sharp edges means you can tow when you need to and surf when you want to. Landing is stress-free and emptying the water out is a doddle.

You’ll find everything you really need from an expedition kayak is standard on the Quantum. Oval hatches front and rear, a day hatch and a compass recess. Recessed deck fittings and well-placed deck lines provide secure stowage for spare paddles and other essentials. There is even an option for a self-bailer but you’ll need to paddle hard to keep the speed up!

My personal experience of paddling the Quantum

My first impression was of a very smooth ride. The kayak was not loaded but didn’t feel at all twitchy. In fact, I felt at home in it straightaway and would have liked more time to play. It feels incredibly minimalist and has no angles or edges. The rudder system was flawless and easy to use.

Here’s how Sea Kayaking UK describe the Quantum

The Quantum has been designed as a fast load carrying expedition sea kayak. It’s built for speed, is Swede Form (widest point behind the cockpit)  and is designed for the intermediate to advanced kayaker.

A lighter version is available specifically for kayakers who want to use the kayak for fitness training. It is relatively easy to keep this kayak moving through the water at 5 knots. It paddles well off the wind and it is possible to surf down the face of a wave and climb up and over the next.

A unique feature of this kayak is a rudder that folds down into the deck. This makes the kayak far safer for someone rescuing the kayak and paddler. Another unique feature is a self bailer which is fitted to the cockpit area and it is possible to empty a relatively full cockpit in under a hundred paddle strokes.

  • Length: 550 cm
  • Width: 55 cm
  • Waterline width: 49 cm
  • Waterline length: 550 cm
  • Displacement: 130-180 kg
  • Total Volume approx: 424 lts