NDK Romany Classic Disco Covid-19
More than simply light at the end of the tunnel!

To be “COVID-19 Secure” we have made changes to how we are currently operating. The changes are in accordance with the current guidance issued by the UK Government, Sport England, the RNLI and British Canoeing.

Our location

We’re based close to the waterfront of the port of Plymouth, yet actually in a very rural and secluded part of South-East Cornwall. We recognise our civic duty to contain and restrict the spread of Covid-19 and will continue to do our best to protect ourselves and all our clients. We are now back to full coaching operations and will be fully open for retail as from 12th April. As a result of the uncertain nature of international travel, we have taken the decision to put a hold on a few of our usual overseas activities.


The current Covid-19 advice from the UK Government means we are able to operate all coaching as normal. We have always focused on high-quality, low ratio (max 1:4) coaching and specialise in a highly personalised approach. Many of our clients value our one-to-one coaching, finding that close attention helps them achieve their goals more effectively. In all cases, our educational philosophy puts you in charge of your own progression and supports your learning and development.

During all sessions we will all take great care to practice social distancing. We recognise that some old habits may risk breaching the safe distance guidance. So before going on the water we will identify these areas together and form a plan that deals with them, keeping us both protected. Coaching sessions will be a fully outdoor experience. If you want to use wipes, sanitiser, gloves or face coverings before, during or after the sessions you’ll need to bring these along with you.

Our optional waterproof intercom headsets will be washed and disinfected before and after every use. This valuable tool aids our high-quality coaching and the headset allows us to talk calmly at normal conversational volume, regardless of the environment. You can always hear us, and we can hear you too! Our students love this system, especially in more advanced conditions.

As always, we will be mindful of the environmental conditions and will stay safe on the water. We would never want to be a burden on the emergency services, but this is especially true during this sensitive period. This is not the time to be pushing limits – it’s the time for improving skills!

Sales and Demos

You may be thinking about how to get your hands on your next new sea kayak! Demos can now be take place as a form of outdoor exercise and recreation. We have a very good selection of new stock available. If you’d like to book an appointment or demo please get in touch now. Our only shop is the great outdoors – safe for us and for you too. All our kayaks are sanitised before and after you have any contact with them. You will need to bring all your own equipment and take personal responsibility for “Hands, Face and Space” – the “ventilate” is guaranteed!

Expeditions and trips

If you have something specific in mind, please get in touch. We have some great options close to home, in and around the Westcountry and further afield in the UK. We’ve taken the difficult decision to put our overseas expeditions on hold this year. Instead, we’ll be running a programme of tune-up sessions so you’ll be in peak condition for Brittany 2022. Get in touch for more information and how to book a place.

Stay safe everyone – let’s get through this and see you on the other side!

This page was last updated on Saturday 3rd April 2021