The last laugh

Laugh – out loud or to yourself. It’s your choice.

It was a beautiful sunny day and four of us were heading out of Perran Sands, Cornwall for a spot of low-key rock-hopping. We unloaded our kayaks and carried them down to the beach. Then we  came back up to get changed. As usual I was being Captain Slow, lagging about 20 metres behind the other three,  carrying my paddles and a load of other kit, dressed in wetsuit shorts with a bright blue metal leg sticking out the bottom of them. As I passed a small group of holidaymakers I heard one lady say quite loudly “Isn’t it nice that they take him canoeing with them”. When I lost my leg I became deaf too, apparently.

So, I got back down to the kayaks and we all got ready to head out through the surf. As usual we were chatting away and I told the lads all about the lady and what she said. Mike was outraged and was keen to head off back up the path to give them a piece of his mind. He’s funny when he gets cross. Christian just shook his head. I told them this sort of thing happens quite often. If I got upset every time I would be a right miserable sod. We got on the water and forgot all about it. I got mugged by a huge wave near Prussia Cove and nearly wiped Mike out in the process. Happy days!

Don’t take these comments to heart. These people just don’t understand and they really don’t mean any harm. Laugh them off. When you’re inside that sea kayak no-one will know how “special” you are. When you get out of your kayak some people will stare and a few jaws might drop. Look the crowd in the eyes and smile.