UNDER DEVELOPMENT  – a fast expedition kayak

The first “sneak preview” of the Quantum, a brand-new design from Sea Kayaking UK.

Designed by Peter Major, the Quantum is an exciting new expedition kayak. It’s for paddlers who want to go everywhere fast.

Sea Kayaking UK NDK Quantum Plug expedition fast sea kayak
Peter polishing the plug. As you can see the bow has been designed to cut through the water with enough volume to stop the bow burying.

With a long waterline and quite a straight rocker this kayak cuts though the sea very quickly and easily. Designed for expeditions, there is good stability for a kayak of this type, even when lightly loaded. We have seen this kayak performing very confidently in advanced conditions, including in a bouncy tidal race where it was the equal of more conventional models.

To achieve full speed you will need to focus on good forward paddling techniques so there is a rudder system to take care of steering. However, conventional rudder blades that stick up/out are a real nuisance and vulnerable to damage, especially when towing and during landing. They get in the way when you turn the kayak over to empty the water out. They can also be a real danger if you’re surfing or during rescues, when the sharp blade can cause serious injury.

The rudder system on the Quantum is designed with these aspects in mind. The blade self-centres into a recess in the back deck when retracted. The Quantum them becomes just like a kayak without a rudder. It has smooth lines and no sharp edges. Safe and durable – exactly what you need.

Quantum Sea Kayaking UK Expedition fast sea kayak rudder
The stern of the Quantum showing the recess for the rudder

You’ll find everything expected of a expedition kayak is standard on the Quantum. Oval hatches front and rear, a day hatch and a compass recess. Recessed deck fittings and well-placed deck lines provide secure stowage for spare paddles and other essentials. And of course, that speed!

Due to enter production in March 2017. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Sea Kayaking UK directly.